So Just How Fast is My Internet Connection

A few days ago I looked to see just how fast is my internet connection! I have to say I was completely horrified by the results that I got but it did explain to me exactly why I was taking 10 times longer to download things than my friends in the office and my neighbors as well!

No with a large sum going out the bank each month to pay for a super dooper connection that was supposed to go like a train I was massively disappointed! And I contacted my ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see what they had to say.

They tell me that my computer is slow and really unreliable which is strange because apart from using the internet everything else runs really well! Don't figure does it? So I found a website where I could ask Just how fast is my internet connection? The result is in the picture! Horrible isn't it!?!

So I had a good look around to see what could be done to make my internet connection faster and then tell my ISP that I wanted a reduced rate on what they were charging me! I found a software package that was supposed to make my connection 10 times faster.  Yeah right I have heard this sort of pitch before as well!

So How Fast is My Internet Connection After I have installed the New Software?

Hmmmm I am guessing you can see when I ask how fast is my internet connection with my new software that things are now moving a little faster than they were when I didn't have the software!

Anyway went back to the ISP today with the same results I am showing you here and apparently there is a problem with my line today but that wasn't the problem a few weeks ago was it! We shall see the outcome! Don't you think you should ask "How fast is my internet connection?"

How Fast is my Internet Connection